Qualification Requirements to Test Traceability Matrix (RTTM)


Code Bodies have provided Requirement to Test Traceability Matrix (RTTM) templates for each non-Systems Integration Testing (SIT) Party type to support the assessment of testing activity. They clarify minimum requirements for test execution in Pre-Integration Testing (PIT) and will set out what is expected for Qualification Testing (QT) as well as any evidence that must be provided e.g. to support the Qualification Assessment Document (QAD) submission. Parties are required to complete the template to show that all tests have been executed and to provide evidence of this.   

The purpose of the RTTM is to provide traceability back to requirements across the different stages of Qualification (PIT, QT and QAD) and ensure that there is appropriate test coverage. It covers Functional, Migration, non-Functional and Operational requirements and will also support agreement of Placing Reliance arrangements. The RTTM will be assured by the Code Bodies for Suppliers and Agents and MHHS Programme for Non-SIT Licensed Distribution System Operators (LDSOs).

The templates are working documents for Programme participants so we expect that participants will update and submit this document multiple times to support their progress through MHHS Qualification. For non-SIT Programme participants, we expect that they will submit this document to support PIT entry, PIT exit, QT entry and QT exit. 

The main difference between the PIT and QT sections is that participants will need to map their PIT test scenarios to requirements whilst the mapping of QT test scenarios to requirements will be completed by Code Bodies.

You can find the RTTM templates in the library below. You can view the PIT deliverables timeline of when they are due to be shared with the Programme and Code Bodies below:

Non-SIT Qualification PIT Deliverables Timelines

The timeline shows all of the deliverables by participant (LDSO/Non-SIT Supplier/Non-SIT Agent) and we strongly encourage participants to review this document alongside reviewing the RTTM templates to understand when the deliverables are due.

If you have any questions about these templates, please email the Code Bodies at [email protected] and [email protected] 

Qualification RTTM Templates

Short Name Doc Number Subtype Theme Version
UMSDS PIT QT Reqs MHHS-DEL2666 Template RTTM Template 1.0
Supplier PIT QT Reqs MHHS-DEL2669 Template RTTM Template 1.0
SDS PIT QT Reqs MHHS-DEL2668 Template RTTM Template 1.0
LDSO UMSO PIT QT Reqs MHHS-DEL2667 Template RTTM Template 1.0
ADS PIT QT Reqs MHHS-DEL2665 Template RTTM Template 1.0