Delivery Assurance

Delivery Assurance is initially aimed at providing confidence that Systems Integration Testing (SIT) Volunteer delivery plans remain on track and are aligned, individually and collectively, to support SIT. Maintaining the integrity and the monitoring of the SIT Minimum Viable Cohort (MVC) are key to ensure that all areas of the Design are proven before Qualification starts.   

As the Programme advances through SIT, the focus of Delivery Assurance will transition towards the readiness of non-SIT participants to start Qualification.

Delivery Assurance centres on the broader project management dimensions underpinning participants' plans and is complementary to Design Assurance activities.  Where possible, follow up bilaterals for Delivery Assurance will be conducted alongside Design Assurance. 

The Delivery Assurance process will enable participants to identify challenges from a project management perspective, receive support from the Programme based on specific needs and flag any immediate issues or risks during the build up to SIT Component Integration Testing (CIT) starting at M9, allowing time to take remedial action.

The main areas of focus for Delivery Assurance include:
•    Project timescales and planning
•    Resourcing and Third Party engagement
•    Key planning assumptions and engagement
•    Change outlook
•    Key Issues and Risks



Delivery Assurance questionnaires are now closed

At the Fast Track Implementation Group (FTIG) on Friday 26 May 2023, the Programme confirmed that Delivery Assurance activity would start on 1 June 2023. 

Cohort One for Delivery Assurance consists of Central Parties and Core Capability Providers, plus those Systems Integration Testing (SIT) volunteers who are not dependent on the Placing Reliance Policy to proceed into SIT.  A questionnaire was issued to Cohort One on 31 May and closed on 16 June 2023.

Cohort Two consists of all SIT volunteers with an MHHS role under the Target Operating Model who were not part of Cohort One.  A questionnaire was issued to Cohort Two on 16 June, and closed on 30 June 2023.  

With both Cohorts now closed, the Programme will review responses and follow up through bilateral meetings as required.  Where practical, and attendees are likely to be similar, the bilateral meetings for Delivery Assurance will be conducted alongside Design Assurance. The aim is to complete the Delivery Assurance activity for all FTIG members by October.

You can find the survey questions below, for information only.

Delivery Assurance questionnaire (Excel format)

If you need any more information, please email [email protected].