MHHS Supply, Distribution and Transmission Licence Review

There is a Balancing & Settlement Code (BSC) requirement (BSC Section C 12.5.2(a)) for the MHHS Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) to: “identify and inform the Authority of, any and all further modifications to energy licences which are required for MHHS implementation”.

The Programme has reviewed all Standard Licence Conditions in the Supply, Distribution and Transmission Licences which  are available on the Licences and Licence Conditions page of the Ofgem website.

Thank you to all participants who submitted comments on this consultation. The Programme has now closed the industry consultation to confirm (or otherwise) the findings in the document.​   

As per obligation to the licence review, following the consultation, the Programme has sent a letter to Ofgem with the recommendations. This letter, the Meeting Recommendation and responses are available on the MHHS Supply, Distribution & Transmission Licence Review page of the Collaboration Base

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]