M10/M11 Cutover Plan

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The MHHS Programme published the M10/M11 Cutover Plan for industry consultation. The consultation opened on Tuesday 23 April 2024 and closed on Tuesday 7 May 2024.  

The M10/M11 Cutover Plan sets out the activities that MHHS participants will be required to carry out in the lead up to M10, at M10, and between M10 and M11 to enable the Programme to successfully reach both M10 and M11 respectively. It outlines what these activities are along with when they are expected to take place, who the responsible parties are, the declaration requirements that participants will be expected to follow and the key dependencies that may impact particular activities.   

On 4 June 2024, the Migration and Cutover Advisory Group (MCAG) confirmed approval of the M10/M11 Cutover Plan. You can view the baselined artefacts below:

M10/M11 Cutover Plan v1.0

M10/M11 Cutover Delivery Plan v1.0

M10 Acceptance Criteria v1.0

If you have any questions, please email the Transition & Operational Readiness team at [email protected]