Code Artefacts

Code Artefact Consultation process 

Over the coming months, the MHHS Code Workstream will release several rounds of Code Artefacts for industry consultation.

We'll tell you about consultations via the Programme newsletter (The Clock), on this page, and through Programme Working Groups. Artefacts will be released for consultation in rounds.

Following each consultation, the Programme’s code drafters will review and respond to comments via the Code Drafting Working Group (CDWG). Following CDWG, Artefacts will be issued with recommendations to the Cross-Code Advisory Group (CCAG) for approval. Code Artefacts will be baselined at the CCAG ahead of Code Releases later in the Programme.   

Click on the links below to view the current Code Artefacts that have been released, and also what's coming up:

The Programme have produced a Code Drafting Plan which provides an overview of the upcoming code drafting activities and timeframes, which you can view below:

Code Drafting Plan