MHHS Service Management Strategy


The MHHS Service Management Strategy document defines the strategy which will underpin the management of the new MHHS services. With the launch of key new central systems at Milestone 10 (M10) and generally much greater interconnectivity across the industry as a result of moving to the MHHS Target Operating Model (TOM), there is a requirement to introduce new service management capability to the industry to manage the delivery of the services provided by these new systems. 

Within this document, only the MHHS Service Management strategy is considered. The strategy is intended to be high-level and provides a starting point and a framework for subsequent delivery phases to be delivered by Elexon, namely the Service Design, to design the requisite lower-level detail.

On Tuesday 27 February 2024, the Migration and Cutover Advisory Group (MCAG) approved v1.0 of the MHHS Service Management Strategy, which you can view below:

MHHS Service Management Strategy

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