Here is where you will find meeting papers and minutes for:

• Programme Steering Group (PSG)
• Design Advisory Group (DAG)
• Cross-Code Advisory Group (CCAG)

PSG, DAG and CCAG meeting dates
The proposed framework is:

PSG meets on the first Wednesday of the month,
DAG meets on the second Wednesday of the month
CCAG meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month.

About the PSG
The PSG is a senior-level group, chaired by Chris Welby, and formed of individuals appointed to represent their constituencies. The skill sets of members ranges from programme delivery through to governance.

This Steering Group is the overarching Programme decision-making authority for Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement. PSG members will discuss key issues and challenges and will make strategic decisions to efficiently drive the MHHS Programme forward, within the plan timescales.

The PSG will ensure appropriate representation of different Programme participants, to enable transparency for all impacted constituency groups and stakeholders involved in the Programme. The PSG will receive escalations from lower level Working Groups, or delegate decision-making to appropriate lower level groups as required.

For more information about the governance structure, please read the MHHS Programme Governance Framework document.

About the DAG
The DAG’s role is to oversee, review, consult and approve the MHHS programme development of the end to end business processes, system and data architecture that delivers the detailed system design.

The DAG is a Level 3 group and is chaired by Justin Andrews. It consists of technical experts from each programme constituency participant and Ofgem as an observer.

The DAG will be the primary decision-making authority for the system and solution design, will ensure that different participant perspectives are represented during decision-making, and will enable transparency for all design artefacts for all impacted constituency groups and stakeholders. The DAG can delegate appropriate tasks and activities to Level 4 working groups. Like the PSG, it may also receive escalations from lower level groups and ensure consensus can be reached so the programme design work can progress to plan. It can also advise the PSG and other groups if required.

PSG and Advisory Group membership

The PSG and other decision-making groups are made up of a mix of participants from across the industry. Click here to view the PSG membership.

PSG Meeting documents

Meeting Document Type Publication date
PSG: 10 November 2021 PSG Meeting papers 4 November 2021
  PSG Headline Report 17 November 2021
  PSG Minutes 17 November 2021


The next PSG is on Wednesday 15 December, and will introduce the Lead Delivery Partner (LDP) and seek views on the budget.

DAG Meeting documents

Meeting Document Type Publication date
DAG: 17 November 2021DAG DAG Meeting papers 19 November 2021
  DAG Headline Report 19 November 2021
  DAG Minutes 19 November 2021


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