MHHS Programme Objective

To maximise the opportunities provided by smart metering by developing and implementing an enduring process for MHHS that delivers benefits for consumers and enables a smart, flexible energy system by October 2025.

MHHS Programme Roles

Ofgem, acting as Programme Sponsor, has placed the responsibility for the management and delivery of the MHHS Programme with the industry. Ofgem has confirmed that Elexon will be obligated under the BSC to act as the Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) and MHHS Implementation Manager (IM).

Assurance will be put in place by Ofgem in the form of an Independent Programme Assurance (IPA) function.

The Programme will be led by an industry selected Programme Steering Group (PSG) which will be the Programme’s primary decision making body and chaired by the SRO.

Mobilisation Stage

The MHHS Programme is currently being mobilised and the focus for summer of 2021 is:

• Establishing the MHHS Programme

• Tender for and appointment of a Lead Delivery Partner (LDP), to be in situ by November 2021

• Commence the development and detailed design to deliver MHHS

• Establishing a communications strategy and communications channels

• Separation of the MHHS Programme within Elexon

Establishing an Industry Blueprint

The MHHS Programme presents the opportunity to develop new ways of working for the industry. The Programme is seeking to define the ‘blueprint’ for delivery of large change programmes within the energy industry, should this be the way Ofgem wish to proceed with any future programme.