The MHHS Programme has defined and embedded a Change Control process to assess and manage any proposed changes that could impact the successful delivery of the Programme. A Change Request can be raised by any Programme Participant by completing a Change Request Form and submitting this to the MHHS Programme Management Office (PMO).

New Change Requests are then assessed through the Programme’s Change Board. The Change Board can also reject the Change Request, request further information, or ask the Change Raiser to attend the Change Board to present the proposed change.

Following review with the Change Board the Change Request will be designated to the appropriate Advisory Group for triage. The Advisory Group, in line with the SRO, will recommend whether the Change Request should proceed for industry Impact Assessment or not.

The Change Request is shared by the MHHS PMO to the principal contacts of each Programme Participant, with a request to complete an Impact Assessment within the 10-day window. To enable swift and informed decision-making, it is critical that the Programme receives as many Impact Assessment responses as possible.

Once the Impact Assessments are submitted to the Programme, they are consolidated into a single view and presented back to the Change Board and subsequently to the Advisory Group for decision.

Change Requests exceeding certain thresholds (as detailed in the MHHS Governance Framework) will be raised to Ofgem for a decision.

The MHHS PMO is responsible for operating the full Change Control process and ensure that all Change Requests are communicated clearly and efficiently throughout the Programme.

Please see the table below to view the current Change Requests.

Further information, such as full detail on the Change Control process and guidance on Impact Assessments, will be published soon.